Common Day Jonah and the Whale Tale


No good deed goes unpunished. The agony of the adoption process is brutal. Without God’s calling to persevere through the process, it won’t happen. The mire of getting dirty and getting into the government bureaucracy can be daunting. It’s an attack on every aspect of one’s life when the decision is made and the process is started.

For the Getsy family, the decision was made, the girls identified by God’s anointment, and then… Government setbacks. Satan’s attack on our family reigned down. We doubted the calling. We doubted our decision. We doubted the possibility. But. God! But, there’s two growing girls born into circumstances and situations children don’t deserve. A life in a safe home is waiting. How will their story end?


  • An amazing God-story about an inconceivable calling to adopt
  • How a God-calling can be questioned but not avoided
  • About the horrors of government inconvenience (the necessary evils)
  • The peace and impatience in the waiting
  • The power of prayer
  • The righteous effort