About Me

I’m Kristan Getsy

Don’t let my southern accent fool you. I’m an accomplished communications professional and subject matter expert. From radio, to television, to large-scale event producer and now CEO of my own creative agency, my expertise has received numerous industry awards and accolades. Capitalizing on over a decade of ‘boots on the ground’ experience in the news industry working as a reporter, photojournalist, anchor, and news director, I created the award-winning multi-media production and consulting company, Life’s Eyes Media.

After receiving certification as a Maxwell Leadership certified team member in 2021, I launched a new leadership and communications consulting business called Live2Lead Global to Local. As a certified John Maxwell Team member, I am privileged to partner with globally renowned leadership experts and share their expertise to develop my clients not only in the Cincinnati tri-state area but also worldwide.

And just so you know…I’m an extreme extrovert—I’ve never met a stranger, I call everyone ‘friend’. I thrive on personal connection and believe it is a key to success. As a wife, mother, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, publisher, author (currently working on my latest book, The Cussing Christian), consultant, and cultivator of three businesses along with two non-profit organizations, personal connection is essential. If you’re reading this, it’s nice to meet you and a privilege to connect with you. Now, my friend, how can I serve you?