Back-to-the-Basics Presentation Training

Public speaking outranks death as what humans fear most, terrifying more than 80% of us! The fact is, Public Speaking is a skill, just like any other. You CAN learn how to do it well. It’s simply a muscle that must be flexed. It can grow with know-how and practice. I know, because I am a public speaker and have been practicing the techniques and skills applied in this course. And something else… with every public speaking engagement, I learn something new and grow.

The Kristan Getsy Back-to-the-Basics Presentation Training course is designed to provide participants with the understanding and skills to give effective internal and external oral presentations. It provides each person with a solid understanding of the science, art, fundamentals, principles, and experiential insights that contribute to effective presentations. Participants are provided multiple opportunities to develop and deliver presentations in response to realistic scenarios.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand communication/presentation fundamentals
  • Be able to articulate the three critical components of all presentations
  • Have experience developing and delivering prepared speeches
  • Be able to organize and deliver impromptu speeches
  • Understand presentation organization and design

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in improving their presentation skills.


How long?

2-day workshop

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