Communications Coaching

“Powerful coaching tactics that maximize ability!”

Transforming a good communicator into a great communicator might happen overnight. But transforming a bad communicator into a great communicator, well, it takes time. An individual achieves the next communication level and beyond, through guidance grounded in evaluation skills and combined with the science of communication. For each person, the stage is set by defining and setting goals and empowering individuals to reach them.

Who is communications Coaching for?

  • You’re scared to engage an audience of one or 5,000.
  • You need to put a presentation together.
  • You feel overwhelmed by everything you’re trying to communicate and need help organizing.
  • You’re looking for a new way of managing old problems.
  • You need to confront an individual but need to develop skills and tact to do so with grace and confidence.

What can you expect?

  • You will know exactly what and how to say your message(s) and stay on-point.
  • You will have a communications pro at your fingertips to use as a sounding board, draft expert, and verbal/nonverbal coach.
  • You will have a visual presentation expert available to help boost your audience’s experience if you are building a deck or other visual aspect.

How it Works?

With proven strategies and actionable tactics, Kristan maps a personalized road to success, then we travel and triumph together.