Communications Coaching

People need to be able to communicate effectively to succeed personally, as well as professionally. Kristan Getsy engages communicators by encouraging critical and creative thinking. Instructing this skill-set increases participants emotional intelligence, thereby helping them to communicate better in the workplace (and elsewhere) with improved self-confidence, character and authenticity.

Who is communications Coaching for?

  • You’re scared to engage an audience of one or 5,000.
  • You need to put a presentation together.
  • You feel overwhelmed by everything you’re trying to communicate and need help organizing.
  • You’re looking for a new way of managing old problems.
  • You need to confront an individual but need to develop skills and tact to do so with grace and confidence.

What can you expect?

  • You will know exactly what and how to say your message(s) and stay on-point.
  • You will have a communications pro at your fingertips to use as a sounding board, draft expert, and verbal/nonverbal coach.
  • You will have a visual presentation expert available to help boost your audience’s experience if you are building a deck or other visual aspect.

How it Works?

With proven strategies and actionable tactics, Kristan maps a personalized road to success, then we travel and triumph together.

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