Preparing for a Crisis

Crisis Planning is insurance for your business. You will only regret not having a plan if a major event occurs and your company’s reputation is put to the fire. Companies with a well-coordinated, effective and timely response to events and emergent situations route through treacherous waters with a methodical plan of action and manage to keep a positive reputation. Is your company’s mettle ready for the test?

You are more likely to be credible and in control during a crisis if you have spent time preparing before the crisis occurs. Your company’s reputation is too important to leave to chance. A crisis communication plan is the best way to ensure your organization will respond quickly and effectively, preserving its integrity.

Using the Kristan Getsy methodical Crisis Planning: Preparing for a Crisis initiative, together we:

  • Develop plans to aver the wake of a crisis in front of the media, and thereby the public
  • Prepare working plans with step-by-step actions
  • Coordinate the who, the when, and the how to respond (not react) to a multitude of crisis situations
  • Prepare your organization to take key steps based on potential crisis situations
  • You learn how to convey your messages properly and to overcome any crisis that may occur.

How long?

TBD, based on the size of your business and existing internal resources available.

Who should attend?

This is a team exercise and we recommend PR and Marketing executives play a key role. We also suggest adding stakeholders into our roundtable approach to developing these plans.

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