Working with Others

Often it’s hard to gather the facts, clarify expectations, present information and work together with others in varied interpersonal interactions at work. Simple things are often overlooked, like: active listening and questioning, mutual problem solving, outside influences, interacting assertively or passively, and cultural barriers.

Kristan Getsy’s Effective Communication: Working with Others will help participants understand themselves as communicators and apply reasonable understanding to enhance communication skills in multiple settings.

Course outline:

  • Communication foundations including: sender/message interaction, motivation to communicate, communication types, and self-concept
  • Receiver / message interaction, particularly as it relates to effective listening
  • The communication channel including verbal / nonverbal channels and the impact of perception
  • Enhancing communication effectiveness as it relates to feedback and conflict management
  • Workgroup / Team building
  • Communication Barriers and Civility
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Final Exercise

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to understand and apply:

  • The elements that influence communication effectiveness
  • The nature of listening and types of listeners
  • The role of nonverbal communication
  • The nature of feedback and its application in the workplace
  • The nature of conflict and its impact on the workplace
  • The nature of teams, team leadership, and the roles of members
  • The principles of building and managing teams
  • The nature and impact of communication barriers
  • The basic elements of problem-solving
  • The role of critical thinking

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in improving their communication skills.


How long?

1 day workshop

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