Developing the Leader Within You

Leaders are made, they are not born”, Vince Lombardi

Current culture tells us leaders are born, but as a John Maxwell team member, I will walk you through the 10 critical components of authentic, personal leadership, which make a leader. Practicing personal leadership is about moving with perseverance and persistence in the direction of the vision you created while being grounded in who you are and what you value.

Personal leadership is the leadership of the self and involves a self-reflective journey within. It means that you have made a conscious decision to be aware of your automatic reactions and behaviors, and that you are willing to look at situations as a “moment of choice.” Those moments require you to choose to reach higher, reflect on being your best, and discern the most effective way to proceed.

To optimize those “moments of choice,” you must first find your inner compass. That compass is discovered through exploring your beliefs, values, experiences, strengths, and level of emotional intelligence. It is only after that exploration that you will begin the work of designing a vision or direction for your leadership and life.

The participant will experience a transformation as they encounter the time-tested truths in each Mastermind session.

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