Intentional Living

What will it take for you to be successful?

Maybe that’s a question you have asked yourself before. Most people do. If you were asked that question right now, how would you answer? Opportunities? Education? Money? Relationships With Influential People? Recognition? Talent? John C. Maxwell says, “Intentional living is the key to everything you want to accomplish in life. It’s more important than where you were born, how much talent you have, or what kinds of connections you have. Intentional living empowers people to make the uphill climb to success—and to significance.”

Most people want to be successful. Most people also want to make a difference. They want their lives to count. And they have good intentions about these things. But good intentions are not enough to achieve success or experience significance. That requires intentional living.

Through this session you will realize intentional living is characterized by three words: Deliberate, Consistent, and Willful. These three words are essential for you to travel the uphill journey of significance.

Learning options:

  • Lunch and Learn
  • Mastermind