Defined as the ability and willingness to make a leadership change that will positively enhance organizational and personal growth.

This Mastermind adds a new concept to the leadership lexicon. To succeed in this fast-paced business world, leaders need a dramatically new approach to the responsibilities and obligations of leadership. This session offers a comprehensive blueprint for change distilled into 11 essential behavioral changes.

If leadership felt like changing all four tires on a car while traveling at ninety miles an hour down the interstate, Leadershift elevates that analogy to changing the oil on a jet fighter flying at Mach 1. To make that shift, leaders must embrace these essential changes including how they approach their role as a leader, how they motivate and develop their direct reports, and how they guide the future growth of the organization. Each behavioral change step is examined, together, with participants supporting one another.

Learning options:

  • Mastermind