“When it comes to your life, you are marketing your personal brand every day, whether you realize it or not.”
Kristan Getsy

When you dissolve all of the noise surrounding who you are and get to the heart of it, are you really living into the brand you want others to see or the one you’ve just stumbled into? Is who you portray really who you are? Who you really want to be?

As your coach, I accelerate the crux of who you are and who you want to become. Using my proprietary process, I will help you find the peace that comes with fulfilling your true center. I use the tenants of marketing, just like APPLE, TOMS, Coca Cola or TIDE, to help you on your journey of connecting your values, desires, and talents to grow personally and professionally. The stakes are more personal and arguably higher than with a “commercial” brand, but the process is nearly the same whether talking about growing a business or ourselves. As you market yourself for a new career or take yourself in new directions personally, your brand should stay true to who you are and who you want to be.


A personal brand distinguishes you’re unique values, from the visual (clothes you wear, hairstyle, eyeglasses, shoes, jewelry, car you drive, house where you live, etc.), the actions (job you perform, organizations you affiliate with, vacations you take, friends you choose, etc.) and how you talk about yourself (demeanor in which you speak – shy, loud, etc. and what you say, optimistic, joyous, pessimistic and negative).



Just like with the big brands, I will help you through a proprietary analysis to identify what you are good at and what you want to develop. We gather your inventory of skills and what could make your brand well defined. It’s important to command what your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is.


We outline all the areas of your life where you want to achieve success and happiness. This includes your career, social life, relationships, children, etc.. *Remember that your personal brand definition should be aspirational: an indication of what you want out of life, not necessarily where you are right now.


This part of the process is not about you. Rather, we determine the emotional reason for others to want to be around you. Your position statement should capture the essence of who you are in the space you want to occupy in the minds of those around you. Basically, this is a summation of all the attributes you’ve selected for your brand. Your positioning statement acts as a lighthouse for decision-making when others are involved.


Brand managers follow a very rigorous process to create a marketing plan, and they update it every year. This can be easily applied to our own life decisions in order to create a roadmap for getting what we want out of life and ultimately a reputation that serves you well both personally and professionally. As your branding coach and accountability partner, I will help you to consciously manage and control your brand by helping you to make the right decisions AND keeping you on track with your goals. It boils down to how you serve yourself up to those around you.