Taking the time to be filmed on camera, being interviewed by people we didn’t know, and playing that video footage back was troublesome and stressful. But also, it was probably the best part of the training session. It allowed us to see where we are and see the challenges we face. I love working with Kristan as an individual and as a professional. Great to work with. Highly skilled. Very personable and really adept at bring out our best.

Maureen Richmond
Vice President, Integrated Communications
Bon Secours Mercy Health

Kristan Getsy is a dynamic trainer, consultant, and skills coach who consistently exceeds all expectations in meeting the unique needs of our clients. Of all the things I admire about Kristan, I find her trustworthiness and loyalty to getting every job done right to be her top qualities. As my 42 plus year professional career winds to a close, I’ve transferred responsibility for delivering training to some of my most important clients to Kristan and she is consistently receiving the highest praise from them.

Butch Wardlaw
President, Chief Consultant, and Senior Trainer
Vantage Human Resource Services, Inc.

Kristan's unselfish desire to help others succeed is contagious. As a media trainer and marketing professional Kristan's attention to detail is second to none.

Larry Stone
Safety and HR Manager
Ecotech Waste Logistics

Not only is my friend Kristan well connected, she is innovative, creative and a change agent. Her bold vision and deep faith are evident in the risks she has taken to follow what God has called her to do. As an engaging personality and speaker, her relational message will take you on a journey to a better understanding of your own walk with the Lord.

Kelly Potter
Children, Family and Women’s Ministry
Immanuel United Methodist

Kristan and I have collaborated multiple times. As an instructor, Kristan can balance real-world, practical experience with textbook understanding on a range of topics. Her breadth of experience lends itself to other areas of development, not only personally, but organizationally. She will be a genuine partner in helping any organization reach its developmental goals.

Jason Minser
Director of Marketing and Communications
WeGo Public Transit

Kristan really targeted what we have to deal with on a daily basis on our job. We were able to practice that (media interviews) in a situation where we could evaluate ourselves and look into improving ourselves and refined our skills. Kristan’s background as an anchor and reporter translated into tips and tricks to help me be more comfortable in front of the camera.

Jill Dunne
Marketing and Communications Director
Cincinnati Art Museum

During my first nine months as CEO at GRTC in Virginia, I was faced with leading the Agency through multiple crises and then continuing to operate essential services after the burning of a bus when national equality protests erupted and then continued over 30 days. Kristan gave me the foundation for understanding how to communicate with my staff and with the public during these two simultaneous states of emergency to maintain public confidence in the agency and continuity of our service.

Julie Timm
GRTC Transit System