The Masks We Wear:
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


I grew up not fitting in. There’s a song in “Beauty and the Beast” that says, “There’s more than this provincial life.” Growing up that seemed to be my theme; there HAS to be more! Then, it carried on into my college life, my married life and my business life. I masked who I really was just trying to fit in wherever I was at the moment. In all of my job interviews, with my country hick accent, I would say, “I’m a chameleon; I can fit in anywhere.” I faked it until I made it, sort of.

In the process of ever fitting in no matter where I was and with loads of self-discovery, those masks began to reveal themselves: Angelic daughter, trophy wife, doting mother, hard-charging business executive, Etsy expert, etc. And one-by-one revelation began to happen. I never fit in because I was trying to fit the mold that each interaction told me I should be, losing all authenticity.

Then one day, an epiphany happened. Oh, it was big. That discovery is revealed in this keynote speech.


  • Feel inspired
  • Learn how to acknowledge and overcome imposter syndrome
  • Realize what masks you might be wearing
  • Acknowledge what it will take to be the most authentic you possible