Training Workshops

Every encounter with an individual is an opportunity to deliver your organization’s vital messages and make a lasting impression. Kristan Getsy focuses on communications coaching that includes verbal, written and nonverbal communications. All of us are predisposed to multiple forms of (good and bad) communication habits and forms. The growth towards excellent communications begins with knowing what you’re doing right and how to improve. Kristan’s evaluation process is simple and the improvement process tried and true, proven effective.

Kristan’s training approach leverages a synergistic mix of tools and techniques that include slide presentations, facilitated discussions, video clips, individual exercises, on-camera role-play, coaching, comprehensive skills guides, training labs, and interactive evaluations. To this end, each workshop attendee receives tailored training.

Kristan offers webinars, in-person workshops, and educational presentations. All of these workshops and trainings can be online or in-person and range in length from an hour to multiple days. Many of the workshops in this catalog can be combined to cover a broad range of topics or delve into specific issues. The workshops can also be customized to suit specific audiences.

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