True North® Assessment

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1. I have shaped my life according to how I want to live it.
2. My short-term actions align with my long-term goals.
3. There is enough peace, fun, and love in my life.
4. I like who I have become.
5. I feel like I am missing something from my life.
6. I worry about the past and future too much.
7. I make time for the important things in my personal life.
8. There is something I that I want to pursue, but I am not.
9. I need to simplify my life.
10. I am hiding part of myself from the world.
11. I often compare myself to others.
12. I have found my life’s purpose.
13. I am open to change in my life.
14. There is something that I have been putting off.
15. I have taken enough steps to better myself.
16. It feels like something is missing from my life.
17. I am ready to start improving myself.
18. There are promises I never carried through for myself.
19. I am leaving a life legacy.
20. There are roadblocks that prevent me from progressing.
21. I know what I really want from life.
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