True North®

No one wants to wander through life aimlessly. This guided/faciliated tool beckons you to acknowledge and realize what guides you from within, and helps you determine the self-fulfilling paths to take.

In this proprietary personal analysis, True North®, Kristan guides you through a personalized self-discovery process. You will work though a 360 degree tool that determines what drives you personally and professionally, evaluates where you are in fulfilling those tenets and where you want to be in the future. Then next steps are offered to achieve your full potential towards self-fulfillment.

Your True North® will:

  • Investigate your personal strengths and competitive advantages
  • Identify your internal challenges, limiting thoughts
  • Brainstorm “opportunities”
  • Evaluate external worries
  • Develop “empowering off-sets” to your challenges and worries
  • Develop Action Steps to employ Strengths and Empowerments

The process looks deeply into:

  • Yearnings
  • Talents
  • Personal drivers
  • Financial drivers

Who should consider investing in True North®?

  • Young people who are undecided about their future
  • People in transition between jobs, communities, etc.
  • Successful individuals who don’t fill fulfilled