Bubble Bursts

In Kristan’s Bubble Burst videos she shares best practices and real-world examples to improve your communications and your witness. Additionally, you can watch her travel VLOGs around the world.

"I Hate the Q&A": Overcome Your Fear Here

The dreaded question and answer of communication can scare the hell out of you. Don’t let it! Kristan Getsy gives some tools to empower you to reply with confidence. For more assistance in reaching your full potential reach out to Kristan at KristanGetsy.com or call 859-363-3916.

Secret Sauce Ingredients for Presenters

Stepping in front of an audience can be fun and exhilarating. Keeping their attention is not an easy task. If you want the thrill of engaging them, take a looksey at this tips video. It’s not all you need to know. But it’s a good start. For more help developing you to be the BEST presenter you can be. Contact Kristan Getsy at KristanGetsy.com or 859-363-3916.

Mission Work on Your Mind?

Mission work for believers takes on a new view when you’re standing there, in the midst of the need, being the hands and feet of Christ. Have you ever thought about it, but hestitated? Kristan Getsy shares her stories about mission work and offers options for you to do the same. Check more about Kristan at KristanGetsy.com or 859-363-3916.

What You Say Isn't Nearly as Important as How You Say It

People often seek speaker training or communications training looking for the how to put a presentation together, without considering how they’re talking. Nonverbal communication makes up far more impressions than what we say. Kristan gives a some nonverbal tips in this short video. For more coaching on your communications reach out to Kristan at KristanGetsy.com or call 859-363-3916.

Sea of Galilee Meditation

Join Kristan for a sunrise over the Sea of Galilee and take a couple of minutes to meditate. The short time will benefit your focus and concentration, improve your self-awareness and self-esteem. Who doesn’t need to lower stress and anxiety?