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For the love of God, lead and communicate.

What I Do

Empower the intrepid, impassioned leaders to communicate with authority, authenticity assurance, and effectiveness.

How I Do It

Provide one-on-one coaching; conduct group training; speak in public engagements. I help my clients conquer insecurity; speak with confidence and clarity. With proven strategy and actionable tactics, we map a road to success, then travel and triumph together.

Use My Expertise to Cultivate Strong Communications


“Unleashed enthusiasm!”
Combining leadership, real-world experience, education, and Christian doctrines, Kristan captivates and connects with audiences through what she teaches: STORYTELLING. She motivates individuals to action, personally and professionally. Each Keynote/Retreat is customized with the audience in mind, and designed to offer a memorable experience.

Communications Coaching

“Powerful coaching tactics that maximize ability!”
Transforming a good communicator into a great communicator might happen overnight. But transforming a bad communicator into a great communicator, well, it takes time. Kristan’s evaluation skills combined with the science of communication set the stage to take each person to the next level, and beyond. Kristan helps set goals and empowers individuals to reach them.

Training Workshops

“Transformational interaction and advice!”
Expect interactive, high-energy, enthusiasm accompanied with practical applications. Kristan cultivates better communicators through real world experiences, video playback, textbook education and professional expertise in all aspects of communications. She tailors communication training options to fit each client’s needs.

I’m Kristan Getsy

About Me

Don’t let my southern accent fool you. I’m an accomplished communications professional and subject matter expert. From radio, to television, to CEO of my own creative agency, to large-scale event producer, my expertise has received numerous industry accolades and at-a-boys. With over a decade of “boots on the ground” reporting experience in the news industry, I worked as a photojournalist, anchor, and news director before founding my award-winning multi-media production, and consulting company, Life’s Eyes Media.

In 2021 I launched a new business Live2Lead Global to Local. As a certified John Maxwell Team member it’s a privilege to share leadership and communications experts with my peers and friends not only in the tristate, but worldwide.

Just so you know…I’m an extreme extrovert. I’ve never met a stranger. If you’re reading this, good to meet you. Good to connect. As a wife, mother, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, publisher, and author—currently working on my new book, The Cussing Christian—connection is essential. It’s essential as I grow three businesses and two non-profit organizations. In my third professional decade, there’s no greater privilege.

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